JAM - Internet Creations
JAM - Internet Creations is against spam email in any form and does not in any way participate in the sending of bulk email. The only email correspondence that you would receive from JAM - Internet Creations is an email from an employee of JAM - Internet Creations regarding employment realted topics or of a personal nature.

Currently someone is spamming and forging the jaminc.com domain name as the from address for advertisements for a software site based in Eastern Europe called "OEM CD." They have no contact information and I would sincerely doubt that this is legal and/or legitimate. We have no idea why they decided to use the 'jaminc.com' domain name for these mailings but because of the amount of bounced messages we are receiving, it looks like they sent out thousands if not millions of these advertisements.

We are also seeing spam with forged domain names advertising Vicodin and Xanex. Again, do not click on the link or purchase from these people. If they use a forged email address to hide who they are, how can you think that they would be offering real medication?

There is nothing JAM - Internet Creations can do to stop this apart from placing this notice page.

Here is a link to the SpamCop web site regrading the forged domain name issue that we are dealing with:


Email Notice